Return Policy

RAAH FASHION CORP accepts changes only within 7 days after the date on which the order was delivered.

  • Due to the fact that intimate garments require sanitary registrations, since they are imported products, changes of girdles, blouses, blouses and underwear are not accepted. With these certificates RAAH FASHION CORP attests that none of our garments has been used before.
  • NO changes of garments on offer.
  • The returned products go through an exhaustive review of the warehouse by the quality control department, where it is determined if the product will be accepted.
  • The client must run with all shipping costs.
  • To make a change the requirements when returning one or more products are: Labels in perfect condition without detaching the garment, must not have been washed or used, without odors, or stains and in its original packaging that does not contain any kind of alterations or damages.


Frequent questions

For us it is a pleasure that you visit us and that you like our products, to facilitate your experience with us and make it as simple as possible we create a series of frequently asked questions, in case you have a question please contact us.

According to the processes and type of textiles some references have more elongation than others, changing the way in which the sizes run.

What is normal running?
It refers that the size of the garment is exact, example: if you are size 8 normally then you can choose size 8.

What is running one size less?
It refers to the garment is a little smaller than normal example: if you are size 8 you can choose that same garment in size 10.

What is to run one size more?
It means that the garment has more elongation. Example: if you are size 8 you can choose that same garment in size 6.

What is one size or (U)?
It is a garment that can use any type of body between S, M, L

What happens if I buy a garment and it’s not my size?
We will give you a credit in favor at the time of receiving the pledge, with which you can choose another pledge of equal value, in case you want a higher value you must make the payment for the missing value, the company will verify that the pledge is not used and in perfect condition.

Do I have to pay for a change?
All shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

What is a pledge in hold?
It is a reference that will be available soon.

How to distribute your products?
We have wholesale prices for people or establishments that wish to market our products.

Do you ship to other countries?
If the customer assumes the shipment.




We use ground transportation with the USPS company. We ship within the United States with an estimated duration of 3 to 7 business days depending on the state and city in which you are. The shipping cost is automatically calculated in the system and depends on the delivery address. Free shipping is for purchases over $ 120-00 within the United States. Free shipping does not apply for wholesale purchases, packages are generally sent 2 days after receipt of payment and are sent via local mail.